The swimming pool -- Outside 

Villa giving on the terrace and the
swimming pool

Overall picture

The terrace, the swimming pool and the

With provision :
A table bar out of marble with four chairs.
Three sun baths with their mattress.
Two parasols.
A built barbecue.


The swimming pool
11 M x 6 M

External shower for the swimming pool, with cold and hot water.

The opening of the swimming pool is made 
1° APRIL with the 1° NOVEMBER

The swimming pool is to bedivided with the owners 
(Two people)

The swimming pool is equipped with an alarm of detecting type the "of falls", in conformity with the requirements of standard AFNOR NF P 90-307, in accordance with the law 2003-9 of January 03, 2003, relating to the safety of the children.


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