The swimming pool -- Outside 

Villa giving on the terrace and the
swimming pool

Overall picture

The terrace, the swimming pool and the

With provision :
A table bar out of marble with four chairs.
Three sun baths with their mattress.
Two parasols.
A built barbecue.


The swimming pool
11 M x 6 M

External shower for the swimming pool, with cold and hot water.

The opening of the swimming pool is made 
1° APRIL with the 1° NOVEMBER

The swimming pool is to bedivided with the owners 
(Two people)

<The swimming pool is equipped with an alarm of detecting type the "of falls", in conformity with the requirements of standard AFNOR NF P 90-307, in accordance with the law 2003-9 of January 03, 2003, relating to the safety of the children.


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